Posted by Alessandra, May 11, 2013

Ciao a tutti,

my personal reading this week was “Tutto comincia dalle Stelle” by Margherita Hack one of the most important Italian astrophysics.
The book is a beautiful trip in the Space and incredible to believe Margherita has discovered that all it is in the nature become from the stars.
Animals, plants and even humans, we all have carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, etc, etc…
The same ingredients of the stars!

I found so magic to share with you this discovery in the week of the Mothers Day. The day of the chef that has combined this incredible ingredient to create the most beautiful stars

Which best gift to give to all of the mother of my Mini-Explorers: a “Star little Star” to thank for the wonderful job they make every day.

I have decided to share the video of one of my favourites Italian lullaby, the one my wonderful mum use to sing to me when I was a little star and today I want to give back to her and to all of the mum the fantastic pleasure to be a star in one of the best world in the universe, the one you Mamma make every day for us.




Posted by Alessandra, May 3, 2013

Italian lessons for children

Ciao a tutti,

today I have decided to tell you about the LAB.

Our workshops are created to stimulate imagination to let children to approach naturally a new language.

Minitalia has created a Lab where all the Mini-Explorers can invent using different material (fabric, cardboards, plastic, paint etc.) the same we use and see everyday. Some of the material  have been used even from many artist to make the ordinary, extraordinary…

We aim to help our Mini-Explorers to make connection with what they saw, touched, smelled, listen, and play with, during the workshop and what they usually do during the day.

We want to create sense of curiosity to stimulate verbal skills and creativity. Experiment the lab is an opportunity for all the family to share what we learnt and to practice it.

Making our unique artwork it is the way to touch and discover the language and a way to keep in mind the experience we had travelling in the magic world of Minitalia Lab.
Most of all it is the way to bring home a piece of MIL to play with and create more.



Posted by Alessandra, April 22, 2013

Ciao a tutti,

I had a lot of fun to build “l’Astronave” last week and I have decided to put a space helmet on and fly on the Moon.

My choice to tell you the story about Neil Armstrong written by Tom Saunders, it is because tell us to believe in our dreams and to work hard to make them to come true.

Such a big goal to be the first men to walk on the moon, big as saying our first word in Italian. It is always a joy for me to see my Mini-Explorers understanding and repeating what we learnt during the workshops.

Develop new language skills, it is emotional and physically stimulated by imitation and play to help my Mini-Explorers to become confident with the language.

For our second workshop on the Space we have decided to make a collage and to create the POP portrait  of an Astronaut. This new trip will make consistent the job we started before and improve new language skills.


Posted by Alessandra, April 18, 2013

Ciao a tutti,

It was supposed to be my 8th post on this page, today. But, because I missed 2 of them I have decided to make a little memory post today…

Time has gone very quickly and I can’t believe we already have started our second term.

I have spent most of my holiday planning all our beautiful activity for this new trip.

Our aim at Minitalia Lab is to always give the best to the Mini-explorers, to make them comfortable the way to learn a second language or to practice it.

I am very happy to show a few shot we had during last term, to introduce to our new Explorers the magic world of Minitalia Lab.

One of my favorite artcraft of last term is the Easter Bunny (photo1). We have designed it in the way children could walk back home with something to play with and experiment, to develop a multidimensional form of Italian.

In the second photo you will enjoy to see one of the youngest Mini-Explorer fully engaged on the activity of the moment. We divide our activity in the way to create the perfect routine to help children to become confident with them. We all need to observe and study what we have around to be envolved. Minitalia Lab love the way children move slowly one step to the other one.

My third choice is for our material. We like to delight the eyes and thought. All our toys are chosen about the design and the educational aim behind them.

The last one it is my favorite. Bringing the Italian art to Minitalia Lab is what I think make us special and different. We run our workshops in a studio immerse in the Italian language and culture in a contemporary way. We want children to enjoy what they have left behind and bringing them forward. Looking the stars under the “Cappella Sistina” was so magic such a intensive experience. We love to stimulate children creativity and imagination, to bring alive every dream.

And now what to say… Are you ready to blast off to the next adventures?



Posted by Alessandra, April 18, 2013

Ciao a tutti,

When I sit on my desk to write the Mini-Blog I always spend time in different research.

Each of my workshop comes from something I did and I have experiences in my life.

Looking for the better way to explain to you from where they come and how they have been inspired it is for me kind of another trip to knowledge and understanding how I have designed them for my Mini-Explorers.

Today I have been looking on Loris Malaguzzi philosophy which remainds me how important is to select the best contest and instrument to give my Mini-Explorers the tools to build their own creativity and most of all awareness and culture.

Malaguzzi is an Italian famous educator that has created a very revolutionary and innovative educational program. He also believed on the “Aesthetic Knowledge”: how important is inside of us that what we make is beautiful for everyone.

Italy has always been known around the World as “Il Bel Paese”, the country of the beauty. Because, of the rich amount of art and culture we bring along.

Living in Melbourne in this last 4 years, gave me the chance to see how people love my country and try to imitate our beautiful culture.

As a young Italian I feel the responsibility to show you the beauty of my country with a different eyes: new, contemporary and real.

Our 6th workshop I brought my Mini-Explorers to “Il Teatro dell’Opera” of Rome.

It is where you could hear the Rossini composition or watching to a ballet.

My aim was to stimulate my Mini-Explorers to a different sound and investigate the richness and the beauty of the Opera.

We read the “Magic Flute” from the opera of Mozart written by Emanuele Luzzati.

I have been so proud this happened on the sound of my own language.


Posted by Alessandra, March 14, 2013

Ciao a tutti,

time goes very quickly and we have almost completed our first trip…

I had so much fun in these weeks exploring with you Minitalia Lab and I keep in my journal all the memory of this travel with you.

Our art craft this week is inspired by Giovanna Cellini a new Italian artist who made the series called “My name is Carnival” based on the idea of self-portrait in the form of masks. Each mask tries to recreate the memory of specific time or event evoking the feeling produced by it.

Minitalia Lab aim to bring the best of Italy to let the Mini-Explorers touch the language physically and emotionally.

We will be jumping like a cat in the Colosseum over the night to reach the light of the stars by the sound of the story written by Bruno Munari one of the Italian genius of art, graphic and design of the 20th century.

At Minitalia Lab the Italian language is an experience that reach our children in a multisensory way.

We always wish you the best “travel” ever. Visit now our new timetable to book your next term.

Buon Viaggio!


Posted by Alessandra, March 5, 2013

Ciao a tutti,

here it comes my forth blog page, a bit later then usual but, my new friends keep me very busy!

this week we have been looking for shapes everywhere and we found enough to make a face…

It is with a lot of pleasure that I want to introduce 3 special Mini-Explorers. They are the inhabitant of Minitalia Lab and they can help all new Explorer to discover the magic world around them.

Bimbo Blu, Cioccolata and Lupo are designed to incorporate sociable skills helping our Mini-Explorers to interact with a new language and culture.

Stepping out the door of our house can be a bit scaring for the little one. They all have a very big sense of discover and a big curiosity that help them to open new doors… Attachment and exploration are linked. That’s why it is anxious for all of us to settle in a new contest, where we don’t have any belonging.

Blu, Lupo and Cioccolata help our Mini-Explorers to identify with their needs and feel secure to explore and play with the new language and culture.

Lupo is a special friend of the King-Explorer. Lupo is the one that make fear to go away and give us coddle. He is even the mascot of Rome, but unfortunately our Lupo lost his ears, he land to his friend Stella, a little puppy dog, and they can’t find anymore. Only our Mini-Explorers will bring them back once they will learn how to say ears in Italian.

Bimbo Blu is the shy one that hide a big blue heart to give love and joy to everyone. It is a special doll sewed with love from the aunty every Mini-Explorers deserve.

Cioccolata is the cheeky one that get long very well with those who like to break the law… but, he is so sweet inside and holding the hands of our Mini-Explorers help him to make the rights things and to make them in the best way. He is the only one can allow children to have chocolate, because he has the power to make every things happen.

This week Minitalia Lab’s workshop has been created to start to learn part of the body in Italian, of course, and we will be able to make a real portrait of our friends just like Picasso did!

Come along with a friend if you wish. Minitalia Lab entitles you to invite one of your friend to attend one workshop for free. You have time until the 26th of March 2013 to let your friend discover the magic world of Minitalia Lab.

Get your pass now!


Posted by Alessandra, February 24, 2013

Ciao a tutti,

I’m so excited to start our third week. The suitcase of Minitalia Lab starts to have so many things inside…

We have been practiced how to say Shapes in Italian.

For the rest of this Term we will still play with all different shapes to become confident with them and to create objects and why not, Portraits…

I love to see things getting a new shape, different from the one they are suppose to be and it is so magic to see how the little hand of my MINI-EXPLORERS make them real!

The imagination of each of them brings Minitalia Lab in the most wonderful land every workshop.

This week after visiting the Sistine Chapel, we will build an house.

My Mini-Explorers will have a special time under the amazing Fresco Painting of the great Michelangelo.

The Sistine Chapel tell us through Michelangelo’s painting how important we are as People of this big world…

Listening, watching, experiencing and participating actively to this wonderful trip make our Mini-Explorers to develop a multidimensional form of Italian. In this way language learning can be optimized by activating all of the senses and multiple intelligences.

Our workshops are always designed to provide an inspirational experience in Italian to give access to our Mini-Explorers to their own creativity.

I am very looking forward to see you make your house at Minitalia Lab!!!



Posted by Alessandra, February 17, 2013

Ciao a tutti,

Today I would like to start with a big GRAZIE to all of you. It has been fantastic to bring alive  Minitalia Lab, thanks to your visit and your fantastic smile!

Now that we have packed the beautiful heart inside ourselves, we are ready to leave… and, of course our first stop will be Rome!

Stepping in a new city, busy like Rome and walking around in each street, it will make our eyes go round and round.

What you will find during this trip it is only about taking your own way the one you like to walk around…

So, step on the bus of Minitalia Lab this week and make your own map.

This workshop has been inspired by Piet Mondrian and his “The Style”, the Neo-Plasticism movement where the abstract and the geometry found an expression and where just the basic colours can bright a painting as the lights in the city.

After he moved in a new city, Mondrian discovers a new way to paint in his work called “Broadway boogie woogie”.

This week our workshop is designed to improve sensorimotor skills to give our little Explorer the opportunity to interact with the envoirment around.

Imitation, memory, and tought stimulated by our creative play will help our little Explorer to discover the new magic words to put into the suitcase: Circle, Square, Rettangle and Bus all ready to go ROUND and ROUND in the fantastic world of Minitalia Lab.

Looking forward to see you again!




Posted by Alessandra, February 9, 2013

Ciao a tutti,

first of all I would like to welcome all my Explorers. It is fantastic to share this page with you today. It has been a long trip and I am now leaving my first mark of Minitalia Lab. I am so happy to start this adventure with you and most of all with my little Explorers.
I hope my English will make sense for you. I still have to work on it as it is my second language!!

Let’s start…

Our first journey is inside a story of a boy called “Blue” and his cow. We will FLY with them in many different places to discover that there is one big thing that makes us stronger: our HEART. I chose this book because is a travel inside ourselves and because I did the same trip that Blue and Cow have done in our story this week. I have traveled far away from my home and I found fantastic to mix my colour with so many different colours to get beautiful combinations and new gradients. It is like a rainbow! The light that unify the Sky to the Earth…which is the best place where you can  fly and discover that your heart can bring you everywhere…
This workshop is inspired by Yves Klein, the artist of the BLUE. He has created the “International Klein Blue”a particular brand of blue, that even reminds me the “Azzurri”, the Italian soccer team. “Monochrome” is one of his most popular work that he has created to unify the sky with the earth. Our little Explorers will learn Italian this week through sensory and motor skills. They will leave a mark. The same mark of Blue and Cow, just as Yves Klein did for is work of performance art, call AnthropometriesAfter that you’ll be able to put in the suitcase of Minitalia Lab the four magic words of this trip: Fly, Heart, Blu Boy and Cow. They will sound differently for you… of course, you will listen all this story in Italian, at your Italian workshop!!!
Let’s the magic start… Welcome to Minitalia Lab, the creative way to learn Italian.

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