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To support the health and wellbeing of all our Mini-Explorers and staff, Minitalia Lab will continue an enhanced cleaning routine and we will encourage frequent and thorough handwashing. If your Mini-Explorer is ill and exhibiting any of the following symptoms; fever, cough, sore or itchy throat, runny or stuffy nose, sneezing, headache, aches or pains, diarrhoea or nausea, she/he must not attend. She/he must remain home and you should seek medical advice prior to her/his return. Restrictions on access to the site for anyone other than our Mini-Explorers and Minitalia Lab staff may be applied. We ask that during your visit you comply to managing the occupational health and safety (OHS) risks associated with an infectious (communicable) disease pandemic by practising good OHS. Please refer to the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) website for up to date information.


BOOKINGS:Fees for each term are payable in advance by the date set out in your booking confirmation. Workshops are not sold individually, only a trial workshop is offered at the special price of $25 per child. Workshops may run during Public Holidays. If there are no workshops on Public Holidays the term fee remains payable in full. If you join during the current term a discount of $25 will be given per each sessions you have missed. To secure your placement, payment must be made by due date. If you pay for one term your place is reserved only for that term. If you need to change day or time, please advise Minitalia Lab: if we have availability you may be able to change it. Once we have changed your workshop at your request, we cannot guarantee that you can change back to your previous day/time and no refund will be given if this is not possible. Changing workshop may attract extra charges.FEE REFUNDS: There is no refund for cancellation. No refunds or discounts will be given for classes missed. If a child withdraws part way through a term, the term's charges remain payable in full. Minitalia Lab allocates a place in each workshop for that child for each term, and we engage teachers and prepare materials for the duration of the term. For this reason, we are not able to provide refunds. Fees are not transferable to another child or term. We are happy for missed workshops to be made up on another day during the current term, on the following basis: make up classes are subject to availability and may not be available if a class is full or when no other class runs in your child's age group. Minitalia Lab must be advised prior to the day of the workshop being missed. Classes cannot be carried over two weeks. There is no replacement if a make up workshop is missed. Please consider others who may have missed a class through illness by not booking make up classes due to your social commitments. Maximum of 2 make up classes per term. Upon a payment, in case of lockdown, Minitalia Lab will provide an online program, if the online program is not available Minitalia Lab will provide a credit note (including administrations fees) for the following workshops available. Lockdown Credit can not be carried over the year. The Lockdown Credit must be used on the first workshops available, not refund would be given otherwise. In the circumstances of teachers illness workshops may be subject to cancellation. In this case Minitalia Lab will notify you and provide a make up session but not refund. DISCOUNT: a 5% discount is offered only on the full term fee for a second sibling. A 5% discount is also offered for a booking of multiple terms when fees have been payed in advance and full. Discounts are not cumulative and not alway available. WORKSHOPS: In order to protect those with life threatening allergies and to maintain a clean safe environment, eating or drinking at Minitalia Lab is not permitted (except for water / breast feeding). You cannot photograph others at any time without their permission. Classes are only for children enrolled for that day. Siblings with their additional carers are welcome to watch (not participate) so long as they do not interfere with the class and there is room to do so. Minitalia Lab does not take any responsibility for children that are not enrolled and children that are not supposed to attend that workshop unless it is a make up session. Minitalia Lab accepts responsibility for children only during the time of the workshop they are enrolled for. Minitalia Lab does not take any responsibility for loss or damage to your or your children's possessions. Art materials, such as paint, glue, etc are used for all workshops so we advise you to make sure your children and you are wearing washable clothes or a covering. Minitalia Lab does not take any responsibility for any damage or staining to clothing. MINI-JOURNAL: a compulsory handbook for all workshops 5 to 8 years old must be purchased at the price of $15 for each child and is not subject to any discount. We may change times, dates, duration of the workshop, prices and location, Minitalia Lab will notify you in advance about this. All notifications will be made via the contacts details you have provided in your booking form. In order to receive updates and communications about your workshops it is your responsibility to check your correspondences in time and provide with the corrects details.
I give permission to Minitalia Lab to use video and images of my child participating in class activities for the purpose of promotion.
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