Ciao a tutti,

I would like to welcome all of you to this page and to our workshops 2016. Term 1 has just started this week and I am so happy to have seen all of you and met new people.

Minitalia Lab’s family has grown a lot in the last year, we feel very blessed to share this journey with you and have the opportunity to bring our language, the Italian language to your life.

A huge welcome to our Mini-Explorers, they are our biggest source of inspiration and it is very magic to seeing them growing towards this journey.

To let you enjoy the most of this adventure with us, we have designed the “Mini-Safety Book Onboard”. You will find some tips for your workshop, like you would be on a plane ready to explore a new world the Mini-Safety Book will give you some instruction before take off.

This term we are going to discover a mystery and enchanted forest, into the woods! We have been inspired from the technique of Kirigami, a fantastic expression of paper art.

All the activities are designed to stimulate the children senses and their imagination to develop a multidimensional form of Italian. The incredible colours hidden in the woods will open your eyes to a magic door where are new friends to meet.

Welcome to the Mini-Bosco!


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