Ciao a tutti,

It has been a while since we started to row the ark, the Sun has begun to shine and we have met so many animals. The Mini-Jungle is starting to be popular and my Mini-Explorers have discovered so many new Italian words.

One of my favourite art and craft at the moment is the crocodile inspired by Guido Daniele. The simplicity to animate hand and give to them life has brought a very special toy to MIL to play with. We know the sound of the crocodile and if someone will ask us ‘how the crocodile goes?’ we will know the answer, because what we learn is new!

Minitalia Lab give chance to each child to express themselves and the material we are using this term is very inspiring, it has been studied to develop imagination and cognitive skills. Many of the games we made have been created to activate sensory and motor skills.

Recycling material from our ordinary day and bring inside the magic world of MIL it has been the way to stimulate all the Mini-Explorers to look for new adventures and to recognise name and object outside the Lab.

The ability of children to connect experience is surprising and when experiencing something is fun and natural will be easy for them to recognise the emotion and recreate action. We have made a long journey already and I recognise that this week.

My beautiful Mini-Explorers are so engaged in Minitalia Lab activity and I am so proud of you! I am pretty sure my new Explorers will soon get into the world of Minitalia Lab and I am already so exited for our last term together before the New Year. We have saved some of the best surprise for our end of the year, we will travel in a very special and magic land to make your trip with MIL memorable… as usual!

Make your booking now and preempt your stay with MIL for Term 4, 7th October to 14th December, Christmas is around the corner…


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