Ciao a tutti,

What a fantastic start! Riding the sleigh to the North Pole and landing on the Winter Forest…
This week to support my program to approach the 4 Season I have chosen an amazing book by Blexbolex. An unique experience inside watercolour illustration telling a story of nature by single words.

Imagination is the key to explore this book to build the story of what surrounds us during a year of life.
Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter are the commemoration of a whole life from the beginning to the end.

I am always inspired from my own life and from the joy and the love I have learnt from my family to give to life. That’s maybe the reason why I believe so much in children.

Outside my own room window I have a tree and I have been amazed to look the changes he has gone through the seasons, such as, fighting during the cold winter for a renaissance of a new life.

To celebrate life as part of the Christmas workshops and to let my Mini-Explorers discovering the seasons, we will celebrate Spring this week with an unique art and craft inspired from the composition of Antonio Vivaldi. Which exclaim the harmony of the life through the Four Season.

I even wanted to express my happiness about the beginning of our program in childcare. Giving a welcoming to Eltham College Kids on Collins St.
Where we are going to explore an explosive work of Rebecca J. Coles and let fly one of her beautiful butterfly on the Seasons-Tree of Minitalia Lab.

A big smile to all of you and enjoy the life!


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