Ciao a tutti,

I have taken quite a long break from this page, we have been so busy creating and exploring new things that the time has just gone and hardly to believe is almost Christmas.

Our last two terms have been a real blast. The music of the Mini-Opera still singing in my hears and all of you have showed up different feeling and sounds and with a big excitement we beat the cold winter and walked through the rainbow to land on a chimney top.

Last week, my Mini-Explorers had so much fun to explore the charcoal and swept the soots on their beautiful artworks. A completely multi-sensory experience that has awaked the children imagination and let them create with new materials and draw new adventures inside the world of Minitalia Lab. A perfect way to pick up new vocabulary and a learn Italian for children.

Our Mini-Explorers are all now waiting to see if Santa will bring them chocolate or a big piece of charcoal, because they all have obviously been amazed by the legend of “La Befana” and the stockings full of candy for the good ones, that we have in Italy.

We have not entered yet in the spirit of Christmas, but we are preparing ourself to it, with an exceptional story of an enchanted world that appear after a long day of work and has a very black and dusty door that open on a gold rooftop near to the stars and the moon.

I believe that all year along we start to pack presents. We let something new come inside everyday and build our life with new experiences, not always gold. Even though, we are always ready with a magic broom to fly up and clean the soot that covers our way.

Respect, love, passion, creativity, bravery and generosity is the spirit and the holly sight we craft in our presents to celebrate our Christmas.

As every journey the final treat is testier, that is why we have designed for this term a real hunt to the magic Italian words we learnt. Our last term this year is florescent and explosive. “…Soon the bells will start and the thing that will make them sing is the carol that you sing on your own front door”.


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