Ciao a tutti,

One grey elephant balancing, step by step on a piece of string. He thought was such a wonderful stunt that he called for another elephant… Two grey elephants…

Still singing this song, can’t stop to count!! Did you know that there was an Italian version of this song? We sung it all week last week and so many elephants came to Minitalia Lab to dance and make their piece of art inspired by an elephant.

We have improved our skills in counting and I can’t believe my Mini-Explorers have already achieved. With the older Mini-Explorers we could count to 20!! Well done everyone!!

We have started to count from the first elephant showed on the work of Fabio Pellicano, “Elephant” of course. Fabio has dedicated his job to the conservation of the Nature and his series of artwork named “Paradiso Perduto” frame exactly the beauty of wild life.

The painting are a real interpretation of the landscape he has been visiting in Kenya. I love the way he can actually stop the image framing in a paint as in a photo… His art is real and genuine as the Nature world.

If you want to support Fabio Pellicano’s project and join to “Artists for conservation” enquiry to info@minitalia.com.au.

And now, keep count… more surprise are waiting for us by the end of this term and for the next one.
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