Ciao a tutti,

I have promised to myself different time to write something about our story time. Today after all your request I have finally decided to tell you about our books.

I have express already I think in this pages my preferences for the books but, in the last two workshops I have chosen a longer story, because I like to expose my Mini-Explorers as much as possible to the Italian.

Story time is the activity that requires apparently more attention. However the sense that is more stimulated is the hearing and even if we are distracted our ORECCHIE keep working.
I have been surprised to see how most of the children have responded very well to the longer story and I have to give a credit to some of the Authors and books I have chosen.

We have been reading one of the beautiful story of Lionni. His books are always so deep and very helpful to look inside ourself and understand feeling. There are a few website where you can buy Lionni’s book the one I often use is Dea Store and if you look for some of his story don’t forget to look at Pezzettino a pretty story in pursuit a own identity. The second choice was Jon Klassen and his rewarded story about a red hat!! An hilarious encouragement to observe things around us properly…

I would never stop to talk about children narrative I think we are so lucky to have such a big choice for our Mini-Explorers and help them to love reading as part of the life! I can always find a piece of me in all this fantastic story and adventures…

To promote reading my last week of this Term I have decided to start simulation story to help the children to get into the story and to experience the reading.
You will find out more about simulation story next Term, I have enjoyed myself several time in creating short story for my Mini-Explorers and I will dedicate more time on this to offer them a unique journey through story time.

Enjoy your story now!


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