Ciao a tutti,

I am so excited about the new Term! I have created a very exclusive program for our Christmas workshops to keep the magic of this time of the year alive.

Life bring along a lot of surprise, sometimes even challenging. Loving life is the secret I think to start the day and explore the world, discover the unknown and beginning a new adventure.

Term 4 will be the conclusion of this year and the Lab of Minitalia is full of beautiful surprise as every Christmas deserves!

As a native Italian I delight my taste and eyes to discover different tradition and food.
My culture keep alive the spirit of Christmas with a very holy feeling. It is a very family celebration and the children are the one that enjoy it better.

We love food and is not a secret the time we spend around the table!
I think Christmas is one of that festivity that unify the all world , more or less we use similar tradition.

Minitalia Lab this term is aiming to translate the Italian spirit of Christmas and share the pleasure and the joy of our traditional Christmas carol and some of the story behind this magic day.

An unforgettable trip to the North Pole will lid our Mini-Explorers to meet Santa Claus and of course to enjoy even the treats.
A bit of extra sugar will go with our workshops, an encouragement of a very sweet life!

So, my dear Explorers this term, open your eyes, your mind, your heart and even your mouth… Santa Claus is coming to town!!!

Looking forward to meet you all this week!


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