Italian For Children in Melbourne

Minitalia Lab – Italian For Children in Melbourne

Minitalia Lab is a magical land where children discover a new culture. The Italian culture.

It is  the place where everyone may become a little explorer of an imaginary world.

Our Italian workshops are designed to uphold the tremendous creative abilities that children have. The curriculum provides a natural approach to a new language by experimenting with play, song, movement, stories and art.

Children express themselves in many ways and they surprise us every day.

Before seven years old, a child builds up pure language, be it English, Italian, French etc. all together and not languages.

For example, for the young bilingual child, a foot remains a foot and performs the function of a foot, whether it is labeled a foot in English or un piede in Italian.

Minitalia Lab is a studio immersed in the Italian language and culture where children will find the tools to open their heart and minds.

To start this journey, you must listen with your heart, and travel to ‘the second star to the right and straight until morning’ (Peter Pan).

Never forgetting one important thing, you can never lose your way. For wherever you come from, all roads lead to Rome!


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