Ciao a tutti, Just one more weeks before the terms ends. It was a very short but intensive creative mini-term. But the fun is just started, don’t worry! we are ready for incredible 11 weeks of adventures inside the market. We are bringing back our unique journey at the Mini-Market, after the big success of few years ago and a very much claimed theme by big and small, old and young, bad and good! Incredible new stories, artworks, games, songs have been designed to open our eyes, hands, mouth, hears and nose to explore between one of the most fascinating way to approach to a new culture. Foods, ingredients, recipes and more from the Italian tradition have been translate in props and craft to let you all create with us and make our table looks contemporary and multicolours with the test of love.
Ciao a tutti, Lots and lots of paper, this term for our Mini-Bosco. Our oldest group has designed very cute little paper animals inside the enchanted forest for the fantastic stories we create each week together. At the NGV there is an excellent exhibition of one of my favorite artist, Andy Warhol and Ai Wawei. The children section is also very inspiring and it go well with the concept we built around this term and the way we are using and experimenting the paper art. The Readymade of Marcel Duchamp is in fact very recurring at the exhibition and we couldn’t not forget to include the Brillo boxes of Andy Warhol for our creation of the Mini-Bat. Colourful, bright and popping I describe this first few weeks of our first term. But, is not only about paper… be ready, very sweet new creations are arriving to surprise us even more. Also, I would like to thank my Staff that has expanded and made us even prettier. We are now hiring more free lances artists and designers, student or graduated, that are looking to explore our way to make mini-art and be adventurous maker for our mini-creation, email us at to express your interest.  
Ciao a tutti, I would like to welcome all of you to this page and to our workshops 2016. Term 1 has just started this week and I am so happy to have seen all of you and met new people. Minitalia Lab’s family has grown a lot in the last year, we feel very blessed to share this journey with you and have the opportunity to bring our language, the Italian language to your life. A huge welcome to our Mini-Explorers, they are our biggest source of inspiration and it is very magic to seeing them growing towards this journey. To let you enjoy the most of this adventure with us, we have designed the “Mini-Safety Book Onboard”. You will find some tips for your workshop, like you would be on a plane ready to explore a new world the Mini-Safety Book will give you some instruction before take off. This term we are going to discover a mystery and enchanted forest, into the woods! We have been inspired from the technique of Kirigami, a fantastic expression of paper art. All the activities are designed to stimulate the children senses and their imagination to develop a multidimensional form of Italian. The incredible colours hidden in the woods will open your eyes to a magic door where are new friends to meet. Welcome to the Mini-Bosco!  
Ciao a tutti, Another fantastic year is close to the end. I would like to say thank you to all of you for the magic time spent together and for the love you always show for our program. It has been a great year full of surprises. Minitalia Lab also had an unexpected number of fantastic reviews from different Italian and Australian medias. We have been surprised and delighted with very generous words about Minitalia Lab’s program. The real achievement for us has been to see all our Mini-Explorers smiling and sharing with love this wonderful journey with us. The children have again amazed me with their unique imagination and creativity they all have discovered a new world. Children understand intuitively that language is something to explore, to play with and enjoy. The speed which they pick up a new language is miraculous and such a joy to watch as an educator. Bilingual children are reported to have a larger density of ‘grey matter’ in their brain. Grey matter is responsible for memory, speech, sensory perception and the processing of information. Learning a second language stimulates thought processes, reasoning skills, early reading and an increased self-esteem. It also promotes awareness of other cultures and diversity. Studies have shown that becoming bilingual increases the ability to solve complex problems, which benefits a child’s academic pursuits. Learning a new language is a unique and rewarding experience. The workshops at Minitalia Lab provide the first steps towards learning Italian. They are also designed to encourage a broader passion for learning in general. I have seen many of my Mini-Explorers growing during these years and starting as early as 4 months it has definitely given them the confidence soars to discover the world. This year we also have opened a new workshop, the 5 to 8 years old group which has been a real blast and I would love to congratulate with all of you for the incredible job you have done. Bookings for workshops 2016 are now open and we really look forward to have a new adventure with you all.  
Italian for children Melbourne
Ciao a tutti, We have had joyful few weeks crafting some new artworks for our Mini-Collection. The art and craft session at Minitalia Lab is one of the favourite activities and it is always so nice to hearing that many of you keep the unique pieces we make together for and extending playtime over the workshops. The incredible adventures of Minitalia Lab are a wonderful reflection of an extraordinary daily life where very busy Mini-Explorers discover the treasure of life. In the accurate selection of our materials I made the choice of an evergreen story, Pippi Longstocking. Minitalia Lab special story time is designed to make the stories together to encourage a good listening time and discover new vocabulary. As per our famous and wonderful collection of Mini-Stories that are a successful instrument to engage all the children to a happy reading, also the hilarious adventures of Pippi is a fantastic inspiration to generate interaction between new patterns and text. At Minitalia Lab children imagination is stimulated by activated all the senses to develop a multidimensional form of the language. The interaction with the story is the secret to build it and bring it to a new life. Children become the real makers of the story through the course of the reading and the excitement to know what is coming next and how it looks like, intrigue all of them to perform and to create, all in Italian. Minitalia Lab’s activities are a real experience for the children to learn Italian with creativity and my Mini-Explorers love to be part of that because they are the “merry makers”. Children love to be evolved in the process of learning and I love to guide them through this journey. I cannot wait to make with all of you our Mini-Christmas Tree and meet Babbo Natale also this year!  

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