Ciao a tutti,

I am so proud of this last product we have realise for you and I want to tell you more about it.

“LE MINI-STORIE” is a limited edition of simulation stories, where a child is completely engaged in a multisensory experience.

The reader will be able to touch the language and feel it and experience the story through a combination of sound and image. To this purpose, the tale is built to be told in a way that stimulates the visual perception and, so, the children interaction with the story. This allows the children to learn new vocabulary, recognise the sign and link a form to a concept.

The Mini-Stories have been created according with the linguistic principle of structuralism and semiotic. A child understands intuitively that there is more then one way to express a concept.

The research, conducted by University of British Columbia and Université Paris Descartes and published in the Nature Communications journal, shows that infants in bilingual environments use pitch and duration to discriminate between languages with opposite word orders. Which basically means, baby is working overtime to listen to — and differentiate — the sounds (both long and short) you’re making when you form words.

Baby’s special linguistic brain advantages come in three varieties: pure mental computation (number of synapses), brain plasticity, and sound perception. All of these are overlaid with the inherent human trait of acquiring language as soon as possible.

Aside from being proverbial sponges, infants are more perceptive than adults, especially in the realm of sound perception. Infants are infinitely better at detecting different sounds and hearing the nuances in foreign languages with perfect clarity and precision. These individual sound elements are called ‘phonemes,’ and decades of scientific studies have provided overwhelming evidence that adults perceive the same sound differently than infants.

Books are the most effective tool for teaching language, the Mini-Stories is the perfect gift for your precious one-on-one moments and to create a dialogue, encouraging your child’s comments, responses, and elaborations. Talk about what the characters are like and what they might be doing next.

Exploring a new language together and play the character of the story make your journey inside our magic story a fun and exiting way to learn a second language.

The Mini-Stories include a short story in both languages (Italian and English) to help you to follow the story with your child and an animated story to play with and interact the mains character that will be expressing and perform the linguistic key words.

The Mini-Stories are full of imagination is an open ended game and a creative way to promote reading as one of the biggest treasure we have.

I wish you a magic reading moment!


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