Ciao a tutti,

It is not a news how much I love stories and how precious it is our story-time for me.
Books it is a powerful media for our imagination and an excellent instrument to create and aknowledge.

This Term 2 we have selected a big range of amazing picture books and introduce two new Mini-Storie.

We have a lot more to tell next Term 3; but I would like to spend a little longer moment on “Maremè”, the beautiful book we read by Bruno Tagnolini and Antonella Abbiatiello, that you also find on the video above.

This book is a poem and the harmonic picture move the pages of the book like a lullaby to discover the world we live in and find the way home…

Poetic illustration that dissolve our imagination under the sea and let us swim up to reach a boat, the boat that will lid our Mini-Sailors to next adventure.

The Mini-House is reserving to all our Mini-Explorers a lot of surprises, new books, new activities and always inspiring craft all created and selected from Minitalia Lab.

If you wish to buy one of the Italian books in our bookshelf please email, we have a limited numbers of selected books to share with you.

I look forward for our next adventure together!

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