Ciao a tutti,

I have looked at the fireworks this year and thought at them such as an explosion of emotion. They have welcomed the beginning of a new year and greet the year behind.

Dreams, ideas, love, passion, of all the special moments pass and the one we wish forward.

Minitalia Lab celebrate a year of life in 2014 and we happily remember all the fantastic adventures we had during the year.

This year of experience has been a stellar start for a new year plenty of surprise.
We are so proud of the job we all have done together and what we have achieved so far.

The passion that we bring along will never finish to make us to create more and give always the best to our Mini-Explorers.

We have designed a new programme that keep alive the job made last year with many new ideas to stimulate the creativity of our children.

Minitalia Lab has built a strong personality during this year and has brought to life a unique programme designed and created by us.

Our curriculum offers to the children the opportunity to experience a new language and to develop cognitive, sensory and motor skills.

Minitalia Lab is also a studio where children can express themselves and understand what they like.

Our workshops are inspired by contemporary artist and we often bring to a new life old artist to provide an inspirational experience and feel the completeness of the world and understand the mystery of life.

We love to surround the children with the best atmosphere and the greatest material giving them the most modern tools to listening, watching, experiencing and participating actively to our wonderful trip.

We have updated our material to exchange with our Mini-Explorers thought and ideas by activating all of the senses and multiple intelligences to develop a multidimensional form of Italian.

This Term we will invite the children to recognise what they see on the table and how food is part of our life.

We will play to make breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner, in one of the most famous market of Rome.

Our Mini-Explorers have always a lot to tell and ask, we try to make of this a story of a joyful life!

Are you ready to jump on our Mini-Bus to discover our next stop?

Term 1, 2014 is about to beginning.


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