Ciao a tutti,

I hope you all are enjoying this first term together. I can’t believe we are already at week 5 and most of my Mini-Explorers are already confident with some of the new words we have been practicing during this week.

What exciting journey around the market. I love markets, I think they always express a lot about the local culture.

I like the smell and the colours of the market. I like to see people shopping and fill bags with different kind of food the one that most suits their diet.

I love to see my Mini-Explorers interact with our creative play created around the market to stimulate their verbal and cognitive skills.

Discover their preferences about food and see them create our art and craft, inspire me as much as exploring a new market.

The appetite of discovering they have is a wonderful expressiveness of imagination. It brings alive the culture around the food and open a window on the table of the world.

Looking on our meal it is like to look inside our personality, I think. Sometimes tell us more then a story.

I had a lot of fun to find some of the books we are reading this term and my pick is following a crescendo of emotion to bring you to one of our unique props story.

I know that I often take a long break from this page but I recommend to visit our Mini-Blog in the following weeks because there are some very exciting news for you.

I don’t want to anticipate more but get ready for next week, “Il Gelato Raffreddato” by Federica Sconocchia is arriving at Minitalia Lab to introduce our Mini-Explorers to the Italians rhymes, a very good exercise for our tongue…

Buon appetito!


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