Ciao a tutti,

I’m so excited to start our third week. The suitcase of Minitalia Lab starts to have so many things inside…

We have been practiced how to say Shapes in Italian.

For the rest of this Term we will still play with all different shapes to become confident with them and to create objects and why not, Portraits…

I love to see things getting a new shape, different from the one they are suppose to be and it is so magic to see how the little hand of my MINI-EXPLORERS make them real!

The imagination of each of them brings Minitalia Lab in the most wonderful land every workshop.

This week after visiting the Sistine Chapel, we will build an house.

My Mini-Explorers will have a special time under the amazing Fresco Painting of the great Michelangelo.

The Sistine Chapel tell us through Michelangelo’s painting how important we are as People of this big world…

Listening, watching, experiencing and participating actively to this wonderful trip make our Mini-Explorers to develop a multidimensional form of Italian. In this way language learning can be optimized by activating all of the senses and multiple intelligences.

Our workshops are always designed to provide an inspirational experience in Italian to give access to our Mini-Explorers to their own creativity.

I am very looking forward to see you make your house at Minitalia Lab!!!


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