Ciao a tutti,

Our Mini-Shop is lighting with two new Mini-Stories to complete your collection.

The trip inside the Mini-House has been a fantastic experience to learn more Italian words that we see in the everyday life.

“L’Armadio” and “Violetta la Vasca” are the two sweet new adventures created for our Simulation Story inside the Mini-House.

They have been designed to bring alive some of the object that we have in specific rooms of the house and the stories that we have created behind this characters not only tell us about friendship but also the way to look inside us and discover the treasure we have.

These last few weeks are collecting a deep vocabulary to let the Mini-Explorers walking confident inside the house.

On our week 7th , we saw Joan Mirò and one of the paint for the series “Constellations”, a perfect artwork to light the starts of the Mini-Bedroom.

The artist has realised 23 works for this series, all of them are related. Mirò found his balance between the two places that life leads him to live. The distance from his home country and his native country, the one that divide the night from the day and winter to summer.

I think he finds in the stars the way to connect them and travel between space and time. In fact, this artworks have all one piece of the previous one.

This Term, I have collected for you some of the works we made during this 2 years to give you the tools to connect the world around you and to build your own house.

I hope the Mini-House has been a good exercise to open your heart to the world of Minitalia Lab and help you to collect all the words you need to make long sentences.

For sure you have kept me warm in this side of the world far from my native country and closer to my home country.

Wishing you two more weeks of fun before another exciting journey!


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