Ciao a tutti,

what I love most about my job is that I am involved in this constantly discovery that children made every day

The surprise of life as a daily gift is something that children tell us most of the time.

I am lucky to feel the joy they express every day and the smile they have for every single things.
I feel to be on Neverland, the land of Peter Pan, all the time.

Rasing a child is obviously a big job and not always so fun, be a mum is very challenging but it is so easy to forget little moments when the smile of every little one rise the sun.

Second star to the right and straight until the morning, that’s the way to Neverland… Our Mini-Explorers make this journey so special and easy.

This week the workshop is inspired by Vermeer and the famous painting “Girl with a Pearl Earring”, to let open our caring shell and see our precious pearls bright.

I want to congratulate with my Mini-Explorers for the extraordinary job they do every day at Minitalia Lab. This little pearls are very rare in such a big ocean and it is amazing to see how they always look for a new adventure and to learn and discover something new.

I am so proud of each of them, I often hear you telling me how great is their Italian and how surprising is for you to discover that they are actually learning when you listen them singing or say something in Italian.

I don’t have doubt that their play is filling a big suitcase with the tools they will need to fly up one day…

I also want to congratulate with all the parents because only the strongest shells raise such a beautiful pearls.

Children have many way to learn and they constantly listen to us even when we think they don’t.
Our activities are designed to give to the children space and let them discover every time something with fun and creativity.

Early years learning is the best time for a child to develop a foundation for future success in learning. The play-based learning is the context where we let children to create and organise theirs own world.

Children are all different, we are all different, there is someone louder then someone else and someone more quite then others… each of them, and each of us, is special because we all make the difference.

I like to see the outcome of each workshop because they all different and there is always something new to learn even for me.

Thanks a lot for sharing with us this journey, I am having a lot of fun in doing this with you.

Now keep dancing, because the limbo of the Seahorse is warming us up only for a little longer, Term 3 is behind the door…


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