Ciao a tutti,

I hope you all had the chance to make a wish for you and your loved for a bright new year.

The beginning of something is always exciting, discovering what is next and what the future hidden for us.
A long year waits to be filled through the work we make each day with passion and generosity.
Life is an explosion of all sorts of surprises and our drawing for the future change daily with these.

I wish you to stay strong and cosy feeling loved and never alone enjoy as much as possible the present for a good will.

We have new company around here a brand new adventure to be explored with new people and stories.

This term we have designed some group games to help our Mini-Explorers to discover the pleasure to be a team and to share life with others.

An unforgettable trip to the Mini-Farm will lead all of us to meet new friends, to create with new materials and listen to new sounds.

Keeping your imagination alive is our biggest aim, developing a self confidence to recognize the shape and colours you need to put inside your suitcase…

I look forward to seeing all of you.


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