Ciao a tutti,

Good five weeks have entertained all my Mini-Explorers to spy through the door of the Mini-House and discover the hidden treasure.

Simply artistic and clever books have stimulated their imagination to create with shapes and build an entire world. My favourite is “Piccolo Cerchio e Grande Quadrato”, an exceptional story to see things beyond what they seems.

It was a good exercise for the children and a fun experience to develop cognitive skills and stimulate their Italian language.

The house is the place where we make ourself more comfortable and where we feel more secure. It is the place where we keep all our thoughts and treasure.

Looking for shapes, such as a triangle or a circle, inside the house it is a good game to practice your Italian words of these weeks and to discover new ones.

We are going to open the Mini-House in the next weeks to explore new rooms and meet new friends, ready to show us the treasure inside the Mini-House.

Drawing ourself inside the house has been part of the activities of this past few weeks. My favorite inspiration was Nick Cave, the artist for Soundsuits (also in the video above). The American performer artist use a bright material to move is amazing sculptures made from twigs and human hair.

My Mini-Explorers has performed with incredible puppets and delight a play with crazy and bright wigs to picture aspects of them better.

Lupo, the inhabitant of Mini-Italia, Lab embody each of us inside the house and is guiding us to celebrate the space we live most, and enjoying and respect as the nest of our dreams.

Enchanting your everyday life is the best way to learn more and create an exciting journey to discover a new world. A world full of magic surprise to learn Italian in a natural and fun way.


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