Ciao a tutti,

When I sit on my desk to write the Mini-Blog I always spend time in different research.

Each of my workshop comes from something I did and I have experiences in my life.

Looking for the better way to explain to you from where they come and how they have been inspired it is for me kind of another trip to knowledge and understanding how I have designed them for my Mini-Explorers.

Today I have been looking on Loris Malaguzzi philosophy which remainds me how important is to select the best contest and instrument to give my Mini-Explorers the tools to build their own creativity and most of all awareness and culture.

Malaguzzi is an Italian famous educator that has created a very revolutionary and innovative educational program. He also believed on the “Aesthetic Knowledge”: how important is inside of us that what we make is beautiful for everyone.

Italy has always been known around the World as “Il Bel Paese”, the country of the beauty. Because, of the rich amount of art and culture we bring along.

Living in Melbourne in this last 4 years, gave me the chance to see how people love my country and try to imitate our beautiful culture.

As a young Italian I feel the responsibility to show you the beauty of my country with a different eyes: new, contemporary and real.

Our 6th workshop I brought my Mini-Explorers to “Il Teatro dell’Opera” of Rome.

It is where you could hear the Rossini composition or watching to a ballet.

My aim was to stimulate my Mini-Explorers to a different sound and investigate the richness and the beauty of the Opera.

We read the “Magic Flute” from the opera of Mozart written by Emanuele Luzzati.

I have been so proud this happened on the sound of my own language.

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