Ciao a tutti,

First of all I would like to introduce the art and craft for this week.
I really look forward to see my Mini-Explorers having fun with playdough this week for our Frozen Pizza!

Yes, I just say PIZZA! How would have been possible to have a Term discovering food without a pizza.

Food is an experience and stimulates many senses.
This Term we aim to interact our Mini-Explorers in different activities and help them to discover different materials.

Our creative play this week is inspired from the smell of the wooden fire and the tomatoes with the basil. From the flavour of the mozzarella sticking on the hands.

Most of all from the memory I still have to make the pizza with my Nonna. The way she kneads the dough of the pizza and she pass to us.

It is an unforgettable feeling of my childhood the pizza on Saturday night.

We use to have a lot of fun with Nonna to make the pizza and rolling the dough with “IL MATTERELLO”.
The rolling pin that my Nonna used to have to make her delicious pasta, cakes and pizza.

Minitalia Lab have created a special toy for our Mini-Explorer. The famous MATTERELLO will open the series of our creative games from the MINI-SHOP.

The idea of the Mini-Shop is to offer you the opportunity to have our unique props designed and crafted from the fantastic hands of Minitalia Lab to stimulate an imaginative play and improve the Italian trough it.

The rolling pin is hand made and come with the Italian recipe of the pizza to allow you and your Mini-Explorer to have fun to discover one of the tradition of Italy and share the pleasure to make the pizza at home together.

You will find IL MATTERELO and more toys and stories to shop in your workshops.

It is only a limited edition and each piece is unique.

Make your play an exiting journey to learn Italian with creativity and…

Enjoy your pizza!


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