Ciao a tutti,

today I have decided to tell you about the LAB.

Our workshops are created to stimulate imagination to let children to approach naturally a new language.

Minitalia has created a Lab where all the Mini-Explorers can invent using different material (fabric, cardboards, plastic, paint etc.) the same we use and see everyday. Some of the material  have been used even from many artist to make the ordinary, extraordinary…

We aim to help our Mini-Explorers to make connection with what they saw, touched, smelled, listen, and play with, during the workshop and what they usually do during the day.

We want to create sense of curiosity to stimulate verbal skills and creativity. Experiment the lab is an opportunity for all the family to share what we learnt and to practice it.

Making our unique artwork it is the way to touch and discover the language and a way to keep in mind the experience we had travelling in the magic world of Minitalia Lab.
Most of all it is the way to bring home a piece of MIL to play with and create more.


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