Ciao a tutti,

I want to tell you about one of the first exhibition I have been in Australia.

Few years ago I went to the Sydney Museum of Contemporary and Modern art and one of the room was filled with corns and photography.

The artist Fiona Foley explores a range of concerns through her practice including colonial race relations, sexuality and the experiences of Queensland’s Aboriginal populations at the turn of the twentieth century. Through her art Foley mines forgotten or hidden histories, bringing them to light as a means to assess our present in relation to the past.

Despite the complexity of her subject matter, there is a sense of playfulness and humour.

I believe that we all born form Earth and we have the chance to look for good and discover the beauty of the world while respect each other.

The main props for our journey inside the Mini-Farm is obviously inspired by one of the work of Fiona Foley and the experience I had on my visit that day in touching the ground filled with corns to discover a new place and to meet new characters.

The research inside the corn box of the animals farms we have designed, bring to life the concept of exploring life and feed the curiosity of the children to give them knowledge and self-confidence.

The powerful energy of the country and people is fascinating and exploring Australia is form me exciting as it is for you discover my Italy.

We aim to reach you always through the immensity of the Colosseum and entertaining the children on the stage of the biggest theatre in the world to walk between countries and open the window on a multicultural vision of unify world. A new adventure is ready to be explored.


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