Ciao a tutti,

time goes very quickly and we have almost completed our first trip…

I had so much fun in these weeks exploring with you Minitalia Lab and I keep in my journal all the memory of this travel with you.

Our art craft this week is inspired by Giovanna Cellini a new Italian artist who made the series called “My name is Carnival” based on the idea of self-portrait in the form of masks. Each mask tries to recreate the memory of specific time or event evoking the feeling produced by it.

Minitalia Lab aim to bring the best of Italy to let the Mini-Explorers touch the language physically and emotionally.

We will be jumping like a cat in the Colosseum over the night to reach the light of the stars by the sound of the story written by Bruno Munari one of the Italian genius of art, graphic and design of the 20th century.

At Minitalia Lab the Italian language is an experience that reach our children in a multisensory way.

We always wish you the best “travel” ever. Visit now our new timetable to book your next term.

Buon Viaggio!

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