Ciao a tutti,

I hope you all had a good Easter.

The beginning of Term 2 is for me the beginning of the colder season here in Melbourne.

We have closed our first Term with the beautiful painting of George Seurant, that frame a beautiful spring afternoon. It is known that Seurant realised this painting during the Easter.

This time of the year is when Melbourne and Rome have the weather more similar even thought the light start to be less here and the sun is warmer over there.

Seraunt use the technique called Pointillism which make the light of the painting to bright by the contraposition of the colour.

This Term I have decided to turn on the light of winter and play with the colours of summer, the Italian summer.

We are going to explore the world under the sea and we have built inspiring craft and an exciting creative play where discover a magic world and learn a lot of new Italian words and songs.

My favourite season is the beginning of summer when life is alive and flowers are ready to make fruit… I am also attracted to see the changing of the season by the cold and the colour of that.

I like the idea to see my Mini-Explorers engaged in this adventure that will bring alive two different reality, the two face of our world.

I will keep you closer to the side of the sun and warmer you up in the side of the cold and cosy wind.

I look forward to meet you all this week!


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