Ciao a tutti,

Here we are Term 3, 2014, almost another year is flying away!

The suitcase of Minitalia Lab is already full of surprises, fantastic new creations and many new Italian words.

So far, each trip has brought new pictures and helped us to memorise and connect objects, names, persons and places around the world we live and the one we would like to build.

Practice is the secret of learning a new language, for our Mini-Explorers it is an easy connection between sounds and images.

The Mini-House is the secret place where old shapes will help us to build more object, names, persons and places.

The imagination of our Mini-Explorers will be stimulated through a bunch of modern artists that have been using geometric figures to picture emotions and objects of the ordinary life.

The cognitive process built around our creative play will help children to incorporate old concepts and assimilate new words.

Blocks, puzzles, fabric, paint, a combination of inspirational materials will lid each of you to the Mini-House and get ready for a birthday party, for a relaxing movie night on the couch with an extraordinary friend, for an incredible adventure inside the bathtub and a starry night inside a cosy little bed.

Those and more adventures are ready to tell you stories about linking, building and always exploring to create a space full of joy and fun.

I look forward to seeing you all this week!


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