Ciao a tutti,

my personal reading this week was “Tutto comincia dalle Stelle” by Margherita Hack one of the most important Italian astrophysics.
The book is a beautiful trip in the Space and incredible to believe Margherita has discovered that all it is in the nature become from the stars.
Animals, plants and even humans, we all have carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, etc, etc…
The same ingredients of the stars!

I found so magic to share with you this discovery in the week of the Mothers Day. The day of the chef that has combined this incredible ingredient to create the most beautiful stars

Which best gift to give to all of the mother of my Mini-Explorers: a “Star little Star” to thank for the wonderful job they make every day.

I have decided to share the video of one of my favourites Italian lullaby, the one my wonderful mum use to sing to me when I was a little star and today I want to give back to her and to all of the mum the fantastic pleasure to be a star in one of the best world in the universe, the one you Mamma make every day for us.



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