Ciao a tutti,

A new term is started on the sound of Noah’s Ark.

I am thrilled to start this term because is our third term together. Make me so happy to see how Minitalia Lab is growing and with that I can see my dream come true…

I want to say thank you, thank you to all of you that believe in this project and for the way you sharing this journey with me. Watching Minitalia Lab growing, is look at my child starting to smile, talk and walk…

I am not yet a mum but my long experience with children taught me that every day there is something more to learn. And is so beautiful to discover the beauty of life with the little one. It come time when things get harder and when we find difficult to follow our child. It is I think the time they start to look at life with their own eyes and incredible to believe it happen very soon, sooner then we think.

I truly believe in my Mini-Explorers, they all have different personality that’s why they move around in different way.

All of them has the strength to reach the goal

The story of Noah’s Ark is an amazing journey to safe the life, the wiliness to find the sun under a very dark sky…

I guess Noah would have a bit of fear during this kind of adventure but is strength made him reaching the rainbow…

I think we are all anxious a bit when we see our little one moving their first step and we would love to make the way smoothly for them. I even think that is the anxious we feel that make us good parents and not the ability to give them a easy life.

My Mini-Explorers have a big gift they bring with them as every child… the gift of life that we actually lose a bit everyday… that’s why I want to make everyday at Minitalia Lab a magic day of surprise where doesn’t matter the colour of it or the way you open it. What make the difference is that you are the surprise and you make it special!

So let’s row the big Ark of Minitalia Lab through the flood a big rainbow is waiting for us!!!


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