Ciao a tutti,

first of all I would like to welcome all my Explorers. It is fantastic to share this page with you today. It has been a long trip and I am now leaving my first mark of Minitalia Lab. I am so happy to start this adventure with you and most of all with my little Explorers.
I hope my English will make sense for you. I still have to work on it as it is my second language!!

Let’s start…

Our first journey is inside a story of a boy called “Blue” and his cow. We will FLY with them in many different places to discover that there is one big thing that makes us stronger: our HEART. I chose this book because is a travel inside ourselves and because I did the same trip that Blue and Cow have done in our story this week. I have traveled far away from my home and I found fantastic to mix my colour with so many different colours to get beautiful combinations and new gradients. It is like a rainbow! The light that unify the Sky to the Earth…which is the best place where you can  fly and discover that your heart can bring you everywhere…
This workshop is inspired by Yves Klein, the artist of the BLUE. He has created the “International Klein Blue”a particular brand of blue, that even reminds me the “Azzurri”, the Italian soccer team. “Monochrome” is one of his most popular work that he has created to unify the sky with the earth. Our little Explorers will learn Italian this week through sensory and motor skills. They will leave a mark. The same mark of Blue and Cow, just as Yves Klein did for is work of performance art, call AnthropometriesAfter that you’ll be able to put in the suitcase of Minitalia Lab the four magic words of this trip: Fly, Heart, Blu Boy and Cow. They will sound differently for you… of course, you will listen all this story in Italian, at your Italian workshop!!!
Let’s the magic start… Welcome to Minitalia Lab, the creative way to learn Italian.

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