Ciao a tutti,

I am very proud today to share here the photo of our beautiful new Mini-Aprons

They have been sewn from the amazing hand of the woman of the “Cesar Salai Centre” in Ranchi, India.

We have decided to travel so far from Italy this time for our aprons because the Yatra ONLUS (an Italian no profit organization) are building a very impressive project.

The philosophy of this organization is: “il diritto a sognare” which mean giving to everyone the right to dream.

We love dreams and we want everyone to have the chance to dream.
The Cesar Sali Centre, born in a disadvantage village, where people use to live in very pour condition. Now, thanks to Yatra the Centre is becoming strong and allow people to work and make their life upstanding.

We are so happy to support this project no as a charity but as a business to another business.

Our Mini-Explorers from next term will have the opportunity to be part of this program if you buy one of the Mini-Aprons .

We really want to thank you in advance to make this possible and to give to Minitalia Lab the chance to make more dreams come true.


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