Ciao a tutti,

Today I would like to start with a big GRAZIE to all of you. It has been fantastic to bring alive  Minitalia Lab, thanks to your visit and your fantastic smile!

Now that we have packed the beautiful heart inside ourselves, we are ready to leave… and, of course our first stop will be Rome!

Stepping in a new city, busy like Rome and walking around in each street, it will make our eyes go round and round.

What you will find during this trip it is only about taking your own way the one you like to walk around…

So, step on the bus of Minitalia Lab this week and make your own map.

This workshop has been inspired by Piet Mondrian and his “The Style”, the Neo-Plasticism movement where the abstract and the geometry found an expression and where just the basic colours can bright a painting as the lights in the city.

After he moved in a new city, Mondrian discovers a new way to paint in his work called “Broadway boogie woogie”.

This week our workshop is designed to improve sensorimotor skills to give our little Explorer the opportunity to interact with the envoirment around.

Imitation, memory, and tought stimulated by our creative play will help our little Explorer to discover the new magic words to put into the suitcase: Circle, Square, Rettangle and Bus all ready to go ROUND and ROUND in the fantastic world of Minitalia Lab.

Looking forward to see you again!



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