Ciao a tutti,

Here I am again after a little break from this page. I will try to replicate in a small scale the amazing adventure my Mini-Explorers and I had so far.

We have started this Term 2 with an invention of the beginning of 19th centuries, the Diorama. The word literally means “through that which is seen”, from the Greek.

In our little showcase we are keeping and looking at the most fascinating creatures we have met from the sea.

The imaginary world under the water that we have designed is helping our Explorers to express their emotion and discover new Italian words.

The enchanted story time brought this week 4 from the Mini-Shop has bewitched our beautiful children and helped them to act the story and dissolve their eyes to become part of the water to really get a sense of how water feels and what water does.

Moving from the right to the left, touching the sand and liquefying ourself underwater vision is going to bring to Minitalia Lab a sensational and unique new adventure that set aside a lot of surprise..

Are you ready to dance the limbo of the Seahorse next week?

The fun is just begun…


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