Ciao a tutti,

I have to say that this Term has completely captured me. Probably the relaxed atmosphere of the Mini-House has allowed all of us to be more ourself.

I cannot forget the eyes of the children each week looking forward to see Lupo and discover in which room of the house he would be and which adventure they would have shared.

Our mascot Lupo has definitely built a bonding with all my Mini-Explorers and create a sense of belonging to give confidence soars to explore the world, in particular the world of Minitalia Lab.

Children understand intuitively that language is something to explore, to play with and enjoy. The speed with which they pick up a new language, the Italian language, is miraculous and such a joy to watch.

After these 30 weeks of workshops I am really delighted to see all my Mini-Explorers so engaged and able to walk without hesitations ahead, through this unique experience.

We couldn’t close this term better then having Lupo’s birthday party and celebrating the good job we all have done.

I am so ready for a stellar last term and looking forward to hug all of you in the magic spirit of our traditional Mini-Christmas.

Ten more weeks of fun and surprises are ready to entertain all my adventurous children in many creative activities to learn Italian and explore the world.


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