Ciao a tutti,

It was supposed to be my 8th post on this page, today. But, because I missed 2 of them I have decided to make a little memory post today…

Time has gone very quickly and I can’t believe we already have started our second term.

I have spent most of my holiday planning all our beautiful activity for this new trip.

Our aim at Minitalia Lab is to always give the best to the Mini-explorers, to make them comfortable the way to learn a second language or to practice it.

I am very happy to show a few shot we had during last term, to introduce to our new Explorers the magic world of Minitalia Lab.

One of my favorite artcraft of last term is the Easter Bunny (photo1). We have designed it in the way children could walk back home with something to play with and experiment, to develop a multidimensional form of Italian.

In the second photo you will enjoy to see one of the youngest Mini-Explorer fully engaged on the activity of the moment. We divide our activity in the way to create the perfect routine to help children to become confident with them. We all need to observe and study what we have around to be envolved. Minitalia Lab love the way children move slowly one step to the other one.

My third choice is for our material. We like to delight the eyes and thought. All our toys are chosen about the design and the educational aim behind them.

The last one it is my favorite. Bringing the Italian art to Minitalia Lab is what I think make us special and different. We run our workshops in a studio immerse in the Italian language and culture in a contemporary way. We want children to enjoy what they have left behind and bringing them forward. Looking the stars under the “Cappella Sistina” was so magic such a intensive experience. We love to stimulate children creativity and imagination, to bring alive every dream.

And now what to say… Are you ready to blast off to the next adventures?


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