Ciao a tutti,

here it comes my forth blog page, a bit later then usual but, my new friends keep me very busy!

this week we have been looking for shapes everywhere and we found enough to make a face…

It is with a lot of pleasure that I want to introduce 3 special Mini-Explorers. They are the inhabitant of Minitalia Lab and they can help all new Explorer to discover the magic world around them.

Bimbo Blu, Cioccolata and Lupo are designed to incorporate sociable skills helping our Mini-Explorers to interact with a new language and culture.

Stepping out the door of our house can be a bit scaring for the little one. They all have a very big sense of discover and a big curiosity that help them to open new doors… Attachment and exploration are linked. That’s why it is anxious for all of us to settle in a new contest, where we don’t have any belonging.

Blu, Lupo and Cioccolata help our Mini-Explorers to identify with their needs and feel secure to explore and play with the new language and culture.

Lupo is a special friend of the King-Explorer. Lupo is the one that make fear to go away and give us coddle. He is even the mascot of Rome, but unfortunately our Lupo lost his ears, he land to his friend Stella, a little puppy dog, and they can’t find anymore. Only our Mini-Explorers will bring them back once they will learn how to say ears in Italian.

Bimbo Blu is the shy one that hide a big blue heart to give love and joy to everyone. It is a special doll sewed with love from the aunty every Mini-Explorers deserve.

Cioccolata is the cheeky one that get long very well with those who like to break the law… but, he is so sweet inside and holding the hands of our Mini-Explorers help him to make the rights things and to make them in the best way. He is the only one can allow children to have chocolate, because he has the power to make every things happen.

This week Minitalia Lab’s workshop has been created to start to learn part of the body in Italian, of course, and we will be able to make a real portrait of our friends just like Picasso did!

Come along with a friend if you wish. Minitalia Lab entitles you to invite one of your friend to attend one workshop for free. You have time until the 26th of March 2013 to let your friend discover the magic world of Minitalia Lab.

Get your pass now!

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