Ciao a tutti,

The Mini-Christmas Tree is now ready to wait for our final workshop with Santa Clause. It is almost time for a new year.
We have now complete our first year journey together.
I would like to thank all the Mini-Explorers from Minitalia Lab to have been part of this fantastic trip.
We have so many new adventures for the new year.

Timetable for Workshops 2014 are now on the website and I can’t wait to tell you more story and to build more surprise together.

We have reserved a very unique programme for you with inspiring new artists to explore and more games to play. So much more to create for a new year together.

Minitalia Lab is now launching Gift Voucher, for a very special present for your family and friends.

Take the chance to make your present and give something unforgettable to the people you love.
Sharing with them the pleasure to discover a new culture and much more, through our creative play in the magic world of Minitalia Lab.

We love to see our Mini-Explorers growing and sharing this pleasure with you.
Thanks for all the smiles you gave us during this year, for such a unique present you made to us.

Buon Natale!


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